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Tax Brackets

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Used in taxation systems, a tax bracket is a cut-off point that progress or regress depending upon income. For example in the US, the brackets are divided into increments of $10,000 US Dollar (USD). These brackets do not include other taxes such as disability insurance or social security payments. You often pay percentages that are different depending on the income you make and the dollar amounts of your income are taxed by bracket. To understand this better, imagine that a person who is making $1-10,000 USD is taxed 10% of their income. If your income is even a dollar more that the first $10,000 USD, you would be taxed at a higher rate. Each person also has allowable deductions. The single person making $10,000 USD wouldn’t pay $1000 USD in taxes because he would have a standard deduction of $5,350 USD and a personal exemption of $3,400 USD. The money made in excess of the deductions would be the amount that is taxable.

Canada Income Tax

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Income tax is levied by the Canadian government in both the federal and provincial levels. April 30 of the current year is the deadline for filing of taxes the previous year. Income tax rates are different for every income and location in Canada; 19% is the lowest combined rate and 46.4% is the highest rate. Once a year income taxes must be paid by any person with a taxable income in Canada. Tax deductions are instances that allow a portion of a portion of a person’s income to avoid paying taxes. A person must pay income tax on all of his income of the year if they do not qualify for any tax deductions. Non-Canadians who are employed in Canada, conducting business in Canada or selling a taxable Canadian property must pay Canadian income tax.

Revealing the facts about breast augmentation

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Nowadays it has become a craze amongst women to opt for breast augmentation. However, the mistake most of us do is that we are carried away by the hype. However, it is very essential that we are well versed with the medical grounds related to breast augmentation. This way we can make our decision in the light of facts. Moreover, when you are aware of the facts you would be having realistic expectations. Therefore, remember this key rule. Therefore, let us unveil the key insight

Facts about breast augmentation

  • Awareness is the key. The patient has to be involved in the process.  The reason is that you have to select the type of implant in a very careful way as it would be having an impact on the shape, size, movement, projection and cleavage of the breast. When you will be aware of this point you can make a better decision for yourself with the assistance of your doctor.
  • Every human being has her own anatomy. You have to remember one point clearly that a single type of implant may not be able to solve all your problems.  For example, a three-hundred and fifty centimeter textured gel may have its own representative look  for every breast.
  •  There is no set critera for a single incision and the results may vary from one woman to another. For more details you should refer to breast augmentation san diego and search through
  • Usually we keep unrealistic expectations and that is the prime reason that we have to face disappointments later on. The biggest mistake most of the women tend to make is that they think that a breast augmentation will last forever. Well this is not possible. The reason is that the shape of the body undergoes frequent changes for the prime fact that sometimes a woman gains weight. Sometimes pregnancy has its affect on the breast augmentation. At most the breast augmentation may last for about ten to fifteen years.
  •  What most women do not know is that it may even be a possibility that two breasts may not be of the same size. However, if the practitioner who is carrying out the breast augmentation has perfection in his job then two implants can exist that may be of the same size.  You can also search about breast augmentation fort laudedale and looking through will also be a good idea.

Therefore whenever you are planning your breast augmentation do remember these facts.  It is essential that you know the relevant details about breast augmentation. This way you would have a clear perception regarding the fact whether you really need the augmentation. It would not be bad idea to have a detailed meeting with the surgeon who would be performing your procedure. This is called wisdom and this approach will help you from regretting your decision later on. Therefore, think about it and make the best decision for yourself.

Tips to Lessen Your Taxes Legally

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taxWe all hate taxes, and as much as we want to avoid paying it we have no choice. It’s just saddening that ordinary people are paying their taxes right but corrupt government officials don’t even know how to use it properly. Nonetheless, there are lawful and efficient ways for us to pay less tax. Many individuals suggest hiring a financial expert for this and yes, that’s definitely beneficial. But once you’ve mastered such techniques, everything will flow smoothly and you’ll be able to save up more.

Don’t pay off student loans

Contradictory to the idea of paying loans and debts immediately, a website called which was suggested by an Oklahoma City Attorney mentioned that paying student loans immediately will be a disadvantage in terms of taxes. While loans are to be paid immediately to avoid dealing with high interests, student loan interests actually help when you deal with tax. You can deduct such interest from your AGI, which means you’re also reducing your tax. However, this only works for student loans. All credit card debts must be paid off immediately but student loans are advisable to be paid last.

Purchase a house

Instead of sticking to renting apartments or houses, it’s a lot advantageous to purchase your own. This is mainly because you can save literally a lot of cash when you have a mortgage since the interest is deductible. In easier explanation, your house payment would go against the loan interest after a couple of years from purchasing it. This means you can deduct a huge sum, allowing you to save more. Apart from that, you can also subtract the amount you pay annually for your property tax. Bear in mind that for you to acquire a higher mortgage related deductions, you should consider increasing your tax bracket.

Donate to a 401k

As a general tax rule, the higher your AGI, the more tax you pay because you also owe the government a big amount. This simply means that your tax is based on your adjusted gross income. But if you utilize the term “adjusted” in a wise way, you can reduce your tax payments in no time. 401k is only one of the many tax deductible retirement accounts which mean contributing here will diminish your AGI and will lessen the money you owe to the government. Not only that, while your money is sitting there and growing annually, you can also skip paying the capital gains tax. Paying far less amount of taxes is very possible with 401k. Once you decided to retire and withdraw your cash, you’ll probably be moved to a lower income tax bracket, which means your tax due will lessen more.

Paying taxes sure is a burden for many, especially when we’ll realize it doesn’t even go to where it should. Thus, mastering these smart techniques is definitely worth it. Hiring a financial expert is also advantageous but you can always skip that and do things on your own. Either way, the goal of reducing your tax due will surely be achieved with these lawful methods.

Shred the Wave of Paper this Dreaded Tax Season

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AccountingSince February– the official tax season–is here, we need to gear up. Whether you are a strong supporter of the government policies or disapprove them totally, you have to take care of the taxes as well as the large pile of documents that comes with them. Regardless of the method you choose to file taxes, there are countless sensitive documents involved that might contain your identity and financial information. In order to protect yourself and prevent identity theft, the most important tool that you must have by your side this season is a shredder that can shred the papers to the point where it is impossible to jigsaw puzzle the pieces back together. However, if you do not prefer having a personal paper shredder, you can always opt for mobile paper shredding or offsite paper shredding services.

If you have no idea what documents should be kept for how long, here are some guidelines for you:

1. Documents to be shredded as soon as they are reviewed

ü  ATM receipts

ü  Credit card receipts (only after they have been reconciled)

ü  Bank deposit slips after receiving the refund

ü  Credit card statements with no tax-related expenses

Note: Do not shred credit card receipts if you are planning on returning any item or need a proof of purchase for rebate or warranty.

2. Documents that should be kept at least for a year

ü  Bank Statements

ü  Paycheck stubs

ü  Receipts for health care bills

ü  Utility bills

ü  Brokerage Statements

3. Documents to be kept for 7 years

ü  Every supporting document for your taxes, such as canceled checks, receipts, W-2′s 1099′s, etc…

4. Documents that need to be kept indefinitely

ü  Filed IRS form copies

ü  Tax returns along with the proof of filing plus payment

ü  Annual statements of brokerage and retirement accounts

ü   Receipts for major enhancements made to your house

ü  Big-ticket item purchase receipts

Do not forget to check with your accountant or consult government legislation if you aren’t sure of which documents should be kept for what duration of time. When in doubt it is a good idea to keep the document for at least a year.


Hard-Earned Money Going To Waste

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Businessman carry dollarEvery country has its own rules and regulations about taxes. Same as to every country has people who just hate taxes. In simple words, tax is charged in almost anything you buy and it said to go to the government. They will then use it to improve your place, your city, your country. But do they really do that? Do they really spend every single cent of people’s tax for the country? And are the people getting any advantage of paying taxes? So what’s corruption, anyway?

From the food you buy to the wage you earn, you will have to pay taxes, but in different methods. Food and other items are already charged with Value Added Tax or commonly called VAT. While your salary involves what we call income tax; some income tax return. Whichever angle you look at it you’re still paying a form of tax when you can already use that to pay the bills, the rent or any other essentials of every family.

There are many countries that are getting poorer and poorer because people from the government don’t know how to use tax. Perhaps they do, they just want to use it their way, which is the wrong way. Moreover, some countries charge extremely high taxes, leaving the people more devastated when it comes to finances. They already have extremely low salary, plus taxes are amazingly skyrocketing – people end up being in the lower class of the common three-stratum model. Moreover, it’s also a great hindrance to putting up a business. You may have the budget for all basic essentials like paying the rent of your shop, buying the items you want to sell and the money allotted for your employee’s first few months of service. But when you add to that the taxes you need to pay to the government just become s licensed business, that’s a whole new story.

In terms of health tax remains as a big thorn, still. Imagine needing to visit a breast lift New York based clinic but prior, you’ve already checked and other reference sites. While these websites help you know everything you need to about the service, there’s an underlying factor about taxes that will drive you to the road of spending more than you planned. Plus, insurances for these surgical procedures are not very lucid. In fact, there are only very few companies that include cosmetic procedures to insurances. But to think, when you purchased that insurance there is an allotment for tax that is charged to insurance buyers, of course. Talk about wasting cash when all you want is to be supported financially in case things go wrong.

Tax of all kind can be helpful in many ways. However, the government should also think of means to lessen the burden of the people. Charging tax is very easy but increasing the minimum wage takes a lot of different voices and extreme efforts of screaming just to be heard. But bottom-line, tax is already there and all we can do is become a lot wiser when spending.

You Shouldn’t Have to be Taxed for Visiting a Vein Clinic!

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Laser epilationHave you ever considered how difficult those veins in your legs can be? Just think about how bad spider and varicose veins can be. They can cause your legs to look unusual and ugly. They can stand out and keep your bare legs from looking as sexy as they should be. You’ll especially look much older than you really are.

This is especially a burden among women in and around the Miami or OrangeCounty areas. Women in these places where the sun is bright and beautiful throughout much of the year don’t want to bear with visible varicose and spider veins. Rather, they want to get their legs to look clear and healthy by participating in treatments at a vein clinic.

However, you might be amazed at how much money you’d have to spend if you were to visit a vein Clinic in Miami at It can cost around $300 to $500 to get a vein treatment from such a clinic.

This could be a good value considering that other cosmetic procedures for your body can be worth thousands of dollars each. Still, you might end up having to pay a substantial amount of taxes for such a treatment. Do you really think that you need to pay all these taxes?


Could They Be High for the Cosmetic Purpose?

It’s clear that many health insurance programs are not going to cover vein clinic treatments. This is because these treatments from a vein doctor in OrangeCounty like at may be interpreted as cosmetic treatments for the most part. As a result, people are often forced to pay the full amount of a treatment. In addition, you may need several treatments to fully take care of your veins.

This means that you’d end up having to pay a handsome amount of taxes on the treatment. What makes this even worse is that you might have to pay a higher amount of taxes on this treatment depending on where you live. That’s because this could be taxed at a different rate due to the procedure being interpreted as an elective form of surgery. You could be forced to pay even more if you live in a place like Miami or OrangeCounty where the taxes are already a burden as they are.

Therefore, you may end up having to pay at least ten percent more than what the procedure is actually worth. That really adds up when you take a look at the overall value of the treatment.

It’s clear that you’ll get great-looking legs if you go through a series of vein treatments at a vein clinic in Miami or OrangeCounty. You should not have to be forced to pay taxes on something needed to help you make your legs look their best.


Don’t Forget the Face!

Let’s not forget about how a vein clinic can do more than just take care of your legs. A vein clinic can also treat the veins in your face. That is, a clinic will review your face and identify visible veins that may come around as a result of the natural process of aging.

These veins may be reduced in intensity by using a series of laser treatments. These are used around the eyes, cheeks and other spots where veins can become visible.

This is effective and beneficial but it will cost around the same as a treatment for your legs. As a result, you may have to pay the same taxes for it.

If you think about it, you have to see that a vein clinic is a necessity for your body as it can take care of your appearance and keep those veins around your legs or face from being a burden. A clinic can help you to feel your best and to look younger over time. There is no reason as to why you have to put up with incredibly high tax values just to get such a treatment to work to your benefit.

Avoid Tax On Air Filter Home Improvements

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With taxes rising every year on everything and anything it is a godsend that, finally, we can give you some good news.

After receiving dozens of emails and messages regarding home improvements and taxes we can inform you that there are many aspects of improving your home that can be written off when it comes to filing your taxes every year. Even the fact that we still have to pay tax on these items when purchasing them is ridiculous however for many home improvements you can write these off at the end of the tax year.

How so?

Well a lot of homeowners have a misconception that these improvements need to relate to a medical problem or that you can only write home improvements and renovations off if you are in the high income bracket. This isn’t true and, instead, the majority of home repairs can be written off.

That being said, medical home repairs stand a much better chance of being ignored by the IRS (and we all know how little they actually like to ignore) and this is why air filters are among the easiest home improvements to use as an example. You have breathing problems and need purer and cleaner air. You install air filters to do this but what many people don’t know is that this can come off your taxable income because they are seen as an essentially home improvement for medical reasons.

You put in Honeywell filters (coincidentally try these as they fall under the write off tax category), in your home and get a note from your doctor outlining that you have breathing problems. With this the IRS can’t touch you and this results in another (albeit small) victory for the lay person.

This is just one example of how you can get out of paying tax on certain renovations. Not everything needs to fall into this medical bracket although it does help. You also need to ensure that the improvements are over 7% of your gross taxable income which may seem like quite a lot but when you consider that the government is hell bent on taxing us for everything then this is not actually hard to achieve.

Also, make sure and itemized everything. Instead of having vague sounding descriptions such as ‘home air quality improvements’ on your tax returns, ensure that everything is properly itemized and also accounted for. You may dislike the IRS and the tax happy government as much as us however there is no point in causing unnecessary trouble for yourself in the long run.

Air filters are just one of the many home improvements that you can write off as taxable income at the end of the tax year. It is fascinating that so many people do not know this and if it wasn’t for tax free crusaders like ourselves then the masses wouldn’t be aware of this easy method of avoiding giving the government any more money.

Start writing off home improvements today and revel in yet another small victory for the taxpayer.

The Change in Offshore Tax Havens Around the World

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Balancing the AccountsThere is still a great way to escape taxation, to a degree, one which has thrived for many years in different parts of the world. I have always been fascinated by how the system of offshore tax havens has been allowed and even encouraged to exist. It tells you a lot about the people in power and what their true intentions are – not the spin they put on it.

It has become fashionable to criticize and condemn people and companies for using these methods of tax avoidance but the truth is that this is still perfectly legal and extremely popular amongst the very wealthy. I have a feeling that more pressures are going to be placed on restricting this practice for one simple reason – it is becoming too widely accessible. In the good old days it was really only the very wealthy and well connected who could use offshore banking. Technology has changed all of that. With the internet and online banking and investing the traditional tax havens have become far more accessible to ordinary people. I think they liked it better when only the select few could easily hide their money offshore.

Evidence of the changes in offshore banking can be seen by the makeup of nationalities using particular havens. It used to be quite specific with defined geographical areas using certain offshore tax havens. Now it is thoroughly mixed. Oh the joys of electronic transfer. Go back thirty years and couriers were arriving in small island banks with cases of cash – now it is done electronically and the money bounces around the world from bank to bank in minutes.

The old, defined havens were in a set geographical pattern to service certain regions – very clever; you’d almost think it was designed that way! The secretive Swiss banks served the wealthy Europeans for a couple of hundred years; they still do so today. In the Far East you had a couple of options including Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong. The American continent was well served by tiny Caribbean Islands such as the British Virgin Islands, Barbados and the Cayman Islands.

All of these old school tax havens still dominate today but they draw their customers from across the globe. A great example recently was the exposure of BVI banks – top Chinese officials have been linked to offshore investments (read money laundering of corrupt funds). Since 2000 they have deposited 4 Trillion dollars! That is a lot of zeros.

Of course for us mere mortals there are more opportunities than ever to get started with some offshore investments of the legal kind. If you want you can do it the old fashioned way and travel to the country – take in a vacation while you are at it. Or, just be boring and do it all online. One company I have been dealing with is based in the Caymans. Dart Enterprises are a reputable company specializing in offshore realty investments, amongst other things. Their CEO is a very interesting man called Kenneth Dart, you can check him out here. He also contributes to many charitable causes in the Caymans and has been behind the development of a new town called Camana Bay. He has been a driving force behind major Grand Cayman shopping expansion with high end retail outlets on the Island – learn more here.

Of course I highly recommend a vacation in the Caymans to combine business with pleasure but most will go online instead. The old ways were so much more glamorous! The important thing is to realize that this type of legal tax reduction is no longer the sole domain of the super rich – mere mortals can get in too.

Anti tax

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taxAnti tax movement is nothing new and has existed since the enforcement of taxation.   Opposition against taxation is a major element in many a revolution and resistance in our history such as the French Revolution.  It has also paved the way for forging the Magna Carta, a document that has impacted the liberties of people and the development of legal systems of many nations.

Taxation is and has always been oppressive to the poor and to those without clout in the society especially for small business owners like me, who is managing a small team of demolition contractors and who have been struggling to provide a comfortable life for my family. I’ve also known several HVAC contractors who are also struggling to provide food on the table for their families.

As seen in history, this system takes from the poor and not from the rich.  Without a doubt, it is unfair, repressive, and tyrannical.  To make matters worse, a large percentage of the money the US government collects funds the wars that it eagerly involves itself into.

Each year, the government spends billions of dollars in overseas military campaigns and subsequently, to rebuild these countries after being devastated by armed conflicts.  Each year, it dips into the pockets of its citizens, who toil night and day, working 2-3 jobs.  Hard earned money goes to campaigns that, as a nation, we really have no interest in.

The reasons for dabbling in warfare are, in essence, the same: people are being controlled by a power hungry dictator here, lawlessness is overwhelming a far-flung country – people need to be liberated and a democratic government must be installed.  The underlying intentions may be good however, after years of war and trillions of tax payers’ money spent what do we have to show for it?

Some factions in Iraq are trying to topple the administration that the US helped established.   Iraq is still nowhere near a peaceful democracy.  The war in Iraq is just a very expensive, wasted effort.  The same can be said with the ongoing war in Afghanistan.  It is estimated that this seemingly unending Afghan war operation will directly cost $ 2.4 trillion and of course, this comes from our tax money.  This is direct cost alone. This figure does not include the indirect cost of war, pegged at billions of dollars per year, again, financed by us, of course.

These military operations are a financial burden, thus, some people support war tax resistance to directly oppose the bleeding of our coffers dry.  Perhaps the most devastating of all is not the financial hurt but the overwhelming body count and the unimaginable damage to the lives of our soldiers and their families.  Through this anti tax movement, we voice our disapproval to this idiocy veiled behind the flimsy excuse of emancipation and democracy.


Local Promotions to Save Sales Tax on Takeout Food

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Butler with Take-out Food Containers on TrayIf you are a follower of this blog, you’ve probably got the message about my views on the taxing to death of our nation! We pay tax on just about everything these days, so much so that we don’t even register when it is happening. We have become conditioned to accept it as normal and right.

Do you even realize that the food delivery you just paid for had sale tax added? You almost certainly didn’t even look at the bill, just paid it and thought nothing of it. It bugs me when people don’t even realize what’s happening. The cost of takeout food hasn’t gone up recently, no, just the tax! It seems like such an impossible task to take on the government and get any changes to taxation laws but the first step is to increase awareness of the problems. That’s what keeps me going, even when it seems like a lost cause.

Every now and then I find a little victory of sorts to make me smile for the average guy. God knows the victories are few and far between. I have a secret vice – I love takeout food. I have to admit I’m a little more into my fast food than is deemed healthy these days but I like to think of myself as a bit of a connoisseur. When I travel I can’t wait to check out the local delicacies on offer and I have a secret weapon – the Just Eat website. Bear with me, I’m getting to the taxes bit.

I was visiting friends in Saskatoon recently and decided to share my favorite website with them to impress them with my local food delivery knowledge. You basically just type in the local Zip code and up pops a screen with a listing of Saskatoon restaurants each with an Order Now button. It’s great, you can browse the restaurants by category of food, proximity to your location and view each individual menu. My hosts had never used the website before and were well impressed. We all fought over what food to order and eventually went for Pizza, but that’s not the good bit.

When you place your order online they give you a price print out and there in big letters was a special promotion – “No Sales Tax on orders over $30″. It made my day – and my friends, knowing my tax views, thought this was hilarious! Of course there is a moral to all of this.

Obviously there was still sales tax on the order, the participating restaurants just decided to take part in a special promotion were they pay the tax – a simple discount. To me it was much better than just promoting a straight up discount deal because it helps to highlight the fact that there is sales tax on your takeout food.

Taxing our food is just plain wrong to me. Food is not a luxury, it is a basic human need and it is time people woke up and started to fight for our basic human rights. It all starts with small steps. A simple fast food promotion can help, just a little, to raise awareness of the injustice of our oppressive tax laws.

Why Decreased Taxes For Retirees Is The Right Thing To Do

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Cutting taxes In a world where we all pay just too much in taxes I think we would all agree that something needs to change. But what? As you know taxes are a part of the society we live in. We get taxed for gasoline, income, utilities, and other commercial goods. Let’s also not forget toll roads, government fees, and the like. Who among us can least afford paying these higher taxes? That would be people on a fixed income. We are specifically talking about those that are aged or retired and likely live month to month on a fixed amount of income and a fixed budget.

When we retire we often don’t have much to fall back on. Our money is spoken for and the possibility or raises really isn’t in our future. The amount of money we have squirreled away over our working years is what it is and needs to be protected. That is why taxes for retired people just feel wrong. We expect them to pay taxes on their income, taxes on their investments, and the other fees that all of us have to deal with. To make it worse, many retirees and older people end up having to move into retirement living situations and they lose the tax deduction they had for the interest they were paying on their homes. Sure moving to an independent senior living community might seem appealing for health reasons. However, if it causes that retiree to pay more in taxes then I think that should be changed!

To make these matters worse there are those among us who propose raising taxes on fast or junk foods. This would be a direct hit to most senior citizens in that they don’t prepare a lot of meals for themselves. They eat either pre packaged or fast foods as the work involved in getting those foods is much less. Putting a tax on fast food would absolutely hurt our nation’s senior population.

What about the gasoline tax? This hits seniors hard as they must travel often for medical appointments and other commitments. They are spending a disproportionate amount of their monthly income on gasoline taxes. Does this make sense to anyone? Of course not. Given all of the above reasons we need to lowering taxes for the segment of our population that needs it most – older people.

How might we cut taxes to help the elderly? To start with we should consider lowering the taxes that people pay on dividend or interest income. As you know most older people have a portion of their nest egg invested in bonds since they are more conservative and short term in nature. Why should a senior citizen be taxed on the income they have saved and are trying to live off of. Yes, we consider ourselves ultra conservative in this area. However, even if you are a screaming liberal who just loves taxes, couldn’t you agree that taxing old people on fixed incomes just doesn’t sound right? We hope you join us in our fight to raise awareness on taxes and let’s get some relief from the tax world we live in.

Avoiding Investment Taxes through Creative Opportunities

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Once you have some extra money to spend from whatever job or business you own, it’s time to make that money work for you. The best way to do this is through investing it in different vehicles and investments that can make you the most return with the least amount of risk.

But when you invest, the government still wants to take its cut (like always). In my humble opinion, they always like to take way more than they should, but that’s a different issue. In this article, I’ll be talking about different methods to avoid some of these capital gains taxes, and keep more money in your pocket, and less in the government’s coffers.

A Quick Note about International Arbitrage

Within your own country, it’s fairly hard to hide most investment earnings. Governments are usually able to track these things very well, and will know exactly how much you made, because your investment company has probably reported it before you can even claim it. If you try and hide it, they will come after you very quickly and demand the money you ‘owe them’. That is why some of these methods are best done overseas, where the reach of our government is more limited.

Offshore Companies in Tax Haven Countries

The first method of arbitrage is to establish a corporation or corporations overseas in a country that protects secrecy and financial information. This allows you to have specific ownership and control in a company that can make investments and financial decisions, without the government knowing about it.

Sometimes establishing a company in some of these locations will require citizenship or residency, so be sure to check into requirements for the individual area. But often, you can quickly and easily establish a business there without much question or to-do. Common tax havens include the Cayman Islands, Switzerland and Austria, Singapore and more.

International Secondary Markets

Continuing on the international trend, secondary investment markets in countries that are more open are a great way to make some great money without the government knowing about it. The most prominent of these markets are the forex markets or options markets using an International broker. For forex markets, check out brokers such as Varengold Bank, or the normal Forex sites. For Options markets, you can use brokers in countries such as Spain (Banc de Binary, Banc de Swiss and more), France (Trade Rush, 24Option, etc.) or Italy (Banc de Swiss, Banc de Binary and more).

Physical Assets

Another great method to hide assets from the government and their taxes well are through physical assets and investments that you can buy and sell off the books. These include more traditional physical asset investments, such as gold, silver and other precious metals (either in coin or bullion form), and more non-traditional assets, such as firearms, ammo, and more. Basically these investments can be anything that will fluctuate in value based on economic and political climate, that you can buy early, and sell later for a profit. These profits are untraceable and can be very high, depending on the investment.


Now go out and get creative on investments that you can make, both internationally and at home that will hide your hard earned money from the ridiculous taxes of the government. They take enough already!

Reviews of Some Legal Tax Avoidance Strategies

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Taxation is theft. Not only does it benefit only the elite, it also hurts the economy. On the surface, taxation may look good because the money that is taxed is spent on education, health care, etc. There is no doubt that there are social gains that come with taxation; however, these gains are offset by the taxation’s negative effects on society. When one considers that taxes are used to fund wars, one might reconsider their support for it. I recently realized that many people who are against taxes don’t know that there are ways to avoid paying them legally. I am writing this post now to help people protest or resist paying taxes legally.

    1. Tax Avoidance

There are legal ways to avoid tax. One way of avoiding tax is by setting up one’s business in a tax haven. These tax havens include Monaco, Luxembourg and the Cayman Islands. Another option would be to set up shop in a country or place with lower tax rates.

    1. Legal Entities

Instead of moving to another country, a person may simply set up a legal entity to which they can transfer their own property. A lot of businessmen actually set up separate companies or foundations just so their personal properties are not taxed.

    1. Vague Laws

Some tax laws are vague. For this reason, many people who want to avoid tax benefit from them. In some countries, there is no definite distinction between expenses incurred by a business and personal expenses. Such vagueness is a problem for many tax authorities, but it is a boon for many tax protesters.

The aforementioned strategies are not the only ways to legally avoid tax. Another way would be to earn income that is untaxed. This may come as a surprise to some people, but some sources of income are actually untaxed. Although tax laws differ by country, many countries actually do not put a tax on earnings gotten from trading options.

Although trading options is a great way for tax protesters to earn money, not many of them engage in it. Unless one has a good background in finance, one might find trading options complicated and risky. This is not the case, however. Many organizations that offer options trading services have made it much easier for people to engage in. One of these organization happens to be Banc de Binary (people can visit their website at

Banc de Binary teaches people how to trade binary options through the use of their demo account service. By using a demo account on Banc de Binary’s website, a person can learn about options trading quickly and without risk.

Options trading is just one of the many ways people can earn a living without being taxed. By engaging in it, one can avoid funding wars and other morally reprehensible acts. Of course, tax laws differ by country and state. Before a person pursues such an endeavor, it’s best to consult the appropriate professionals. When protesting and avoiding taxes, it is best to do so through legal means. Hopefully, this article will end up helping a lot of people who just want to make an honest living without getting stolen from by the government.