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Do You Make These Common Bookkeeping Mistakes?

Yes, you might be the best bookkeeper in Melbourne, but you will still be able to make mistakes when it comes to bookkeeping. There are many common mistakes that bookkeepers are making when they are maintaining the bookkeeping of a company. When you know the mistakes that most bookkeepers are making, you will be able to avoid it and learn from these mistakes.

Not having a great system going

The first mistake that bookkeepers are making, and that you might be making, is not to have a great system going. To know what you should be doing each and every week. To have a schedule of your bookkeeping.

The moment that you are making sure that you have a great system going, you will realize that you will not fall behind and you will not make any unnecessary mistakes with the bookkeeping. Bookkeepers that are making this mistake is always behind in maintaining the books and they are making essential mistakes.

Throwing away small amount receipts

It is important to keep all your receipts. Something that a bookkeeper Melbourne should know. Even if this is just for a dollar or two. The moment that you are going to throw away receipts, you are going to have a shortage when you are balancing the books. And, this means that you need to pay in the difference.

Make sure that you are going to keep all the receipts are going to ensure that you are going to have a lot easier time to balance the books. Have a place where you are storing each and every receipt is essential.

Using the wrong software

There is such a large variety of software available for bookkeepers to use. And, when it comes to choosing the best one, bookkeepers rather look at which one is the cheapest one on the market.

This can lead to many mistakes that are being made, or software that are illegal and that have a virus on for hackers to get access to the business’s computers.  You should do as much research as possible to ensure that you are going to use the best possible software.

Don’t double check calculations

Even if you are using the best bookkeeper software on the market. If you don’t double check the calculations, you have a great chance of making mistakes.

Computers can make mistakes as well, and you should make sure that the calculations are done correctly before you are considering yourself done for the day.

Bookkeeping mistakes do happen. Even if you are the most experienced bookkeeper in the market. However, there are some mistakes that you can try to avoid. These mentioned mistakes that you might be making, is only to name a few of them. There are many mistakes that bookkeepers can make. The moment that you are making bookkeeper mistakes, you are going to get a bad reputation and clients will not use you anymore. It is important to make sure that you know all the common bookkeeper mistakes that you can make, in order to be able to avoid it all together.

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